Low Love Life

At my school, we have three dances a year: Welcoming, Valentines, and Goodbye. This year I asked a boy who was a family friend named Brycen. He had dreamy blue eyes, dark brown hair, and was emo (so am I). When I asked him, he told me he couldnt go with me because his mom didnt want him going to the dance. He shows up in the middle of the dance and completely ignored me all night. Did he think I was lame enough to not even go when he told me no? Now he wont talk to me… Why do I always have the worst luck with guys??

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My First Blogging Day

I know there probably won’t be anyone interested in reading about me, but I’m going to write anyway. I’m a thirteen year old girl, going  through alot that people don’t really understand. To start off, I feel very depressed at all times. I hate my looks, my grades, and everything else about myself… I have a stalker ex-boyfriend who never leaves me alone and follows me around. I cry every day for no appearant reason other than my life is slowly falling apart. No friends, B’s and C’s in school, No love life, my family is never around, and I’m scared of my ex… I wish that my life was more like the lives in movies, but I don’t think I’ll have a happy ending and fall in love… Any advice?

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